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The Most Beautiful Country in the World

When you talk to the girls here, they’ve found such peace by stepping away from the rat race. It puts things into perspective. It’s coming to terms with who you are by spending lots of time by yourself. The Philippines can do that for you.

Manicure Art That Totally Nails it

What started as super thick acrylic French tips dotted with simple floral brushstroke designs slowly but surely progressed into an entire nail art culture, with specialty salons today charging upwards of $200 for insanely intricate sets like these.

The Original #FitMom: Kristen Noel Crawley

If you want any style tips, want to learn about her fine jewelry line KDIA, or interested in how someone could actually wake up like this, take a long, hard look at Kristen’s day-in-the-life feature here.