Laura Sfez

Laura Sfez and L’ecole Des Femmes

Poised to find out more about this alluring Femme Fatale, we picked Sfez’s brain about her creative influences, the necessary basics in any sexy woman’s wardrobe, and her thoughts on the power of Instagram.
Chris Kennedy

Show Me Your Tints: Chris Kennedy

Though there’s such a vast, endlessly beautiful pool to choose from, we knew this book wouldn't feel right without selecting some of our favorite female photographers.

Art of the Selfie: Erin Riley

Brooklyn-based artist Erin Riley brings said selfies to life with true substance, weaving incredible hand-dyed tapestries up to four-feet wide—from faceless camera-wielding babes bent over in front of mirrors, to POV snaps of girls hands down their panties.
Chandler Kennedy

Under The Female Gaze With Chandler Kennedy

Though the west-coast native built up quite a portfolio as a successful commercial photographer in the big apple, Chandler has been juggling this with her other lifelong passion for intimate, self-portraits with women as her main muses.
Lex Lee Furniture

Lex Lee on Saying No to Shabby Chic

Lex Lee—badass furniture designer and live-and-die San Fernando Valley resident—is our obvious choice for August’s Femme of the Month.
Lina Esco Free the Nipple


Frank151 sat down with nipple activist and founder/director of the Free the Nipple film and campaign, Lina Esco