CH51: Leaders

Jake Burton snowboards circa 1970

A Rare Look Back at the History of Burton Snowboards

Jake Burton founded Burton Snowboards in 1977 and didn’t look back…often. He was gracious enough to speak candidly about what it takes to pioneer a product, start a successful company, and inspire a global culture.
Eddie Huang illustrated by Trent Call

Bigger Than Food: Eddie Huang

"On the cover of the book, Fresh Off the Boat, there’s a quote from [Anthony] Bourdain, and it says, Eddie is “bigger than food.” Everything that we talked about really brings that to life."
Nick Diamond, whip game proper. From FRANK Chapter 51: Leaders

Sky is the Limit: Nick Diamond

There’s a saying in Hollywood that goes something like, “It takes ten years to make an overnight star.” The further you dig into other industries, the more that...

Va$htie and Jonathan Mannion

Va$htie Kola talks with Jonathan Mannion about the complexities of celebrity, photographing Trinidad James’s socks, and more.