In her first interview, JJ talks with artist and Los Angeles legend Birdman. Birdman, a Los Angeles native, and more specifically, a man living under the 101 freeway on Alvarado St. in Echo Park, has recently been known as the man who lives in an outdoor living room. Previous FRANK contributor, Skid Robot also known as Fisher King, was the artist behind the interior inspiration, creating a home for this very deserving and long-standing citizen. For the full interview, take a look above.

We’ve had site contributors and collaborators, editorial interns and writers, but for the first time ever we’re featuring our first video columnist. Already a YouTube notable, JJ Anderson is our first ever on-the-street documentarian, taking footage of some of L.A.’s greatest and wackiest, featuring elements of weed life, street life, and so much more. JJ has worked alongside a variety of personalities like Evander Holyfield, Danny Trejo, and Ronda Rousey and continues to follow her knack in producing, hosting, and editing alongside friend and partner Tito Molina.

Producer: JJ Anderson
Editors: Tito Molina & JJ Anderson
Camera Operators: Tito Molina & JJ Anderson