This week in ‘Street Talk,’ JJ meets with founders of Delicious Pizza father-son duo Travis and Fred Sutherland (Fred 62) and Delicious Vinyl founder Mike Ross and his brother Rick. The name Delicious Pizza came originally from the record label, Delicious Vinyl, a company with a roster that includes acts like The Pharcyde, Fatlip, Tone Loc, and Masta Ace to name a few.

Delicious Pizza’s space includes a restaurant; DJ Booth with live streaming music; an art gallery and private dining hall; and a second gallery where they hold events.

We’ve had site contributors and collaborators, editorial interns and writers, but for the first time ever we’re featuring our first video columnist. Already a YouTube notable, JJ Anderson is our first ever on-the-street documentarian, taking footage of some of L.A.’s greatest and wackiest, featuring elements of weed life, street life, and so much more. JJ has worked alongside a variety of personalities like Evander Holyfield, Danny Trejo, and Ronda Rousey and continues to follow her knack in producing, hosting, and editing alongside friend and partner Tito Molina.

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