2 Chainz Calls Out Nike for Ripping Off His Album Cover

For Valentine’s Day, Nike collaborated with artist Nathan Bell to put his spin on the Nike Zoom Fly SP. The shoe is a soft pink throughout and is covered in what looks like hand drawn doodles with marker. Nike’s description of the product is to “celebrate running as a competition with yourself.”

2 Chainz was quick to speak his opinion on the shoe. Taking to his Instagram page, the rapper made it known he felt as if Nike had ripped off his album artwork for his 2017 album Pretty Girls Like Trap Music.

Stating, “I’m happy I could influence you guys to make this shoe based off my last album #prettygirlsliketraplusic!”

One might say that they can definitely see a slight similarity between the shoe and album art, but this may be a bit of a stretch for the rapper. Check out the images and determine for yourself if you think Nike ripped off the rapper or if he’s just a little salty.