Interview: CLOT Inc.
Photos courtesy of: Evian Chow

There are plenty of sneakerheads in every country. But a very few stand out from the pack as their collections are far more limited and superior. Here’s a candidate for China’s biggest sneakerhead.

Name: Evian Chow.
Age: Twenty nine.
Location: Guangdong Zhong Shan.

How long have you been collecting sneakers?
Since 2008.

What type of sneakers do you collect?
I brought home everything I liked when I first started collecting. In the past two years I’ve focused more on basketball shoes, worn or designed by athletes. I also collect some streetwear shoes.

Do you have a favorite pair?
Every single pair, because they all took a lot of time, effort, and passion to get.

What’s the one sneaker that you want but don’t have?
A pair of my own design, with my own logo.

Do you wear your sneakers?
I buy two pairs for that: a pair for wearing and a pair for my collection.

How do you store your sneakers?
Everyone has their own method of storing shoes. I store mine in a room with regulated temperature and humidity. The shoes that require special care will be vacuum-sealed.

What was the shoe that got you into sneakers?
AJ23 North Carolina.

What’s the craziest thing you’ve done to get a pair?
I think what I do is already very crazy. For the past five years, I’ve spent at least two hours on the Net everyday searching for sneakers. Because of the time difference, I set my alarm and wake up in the middle of the night, at least once a month, to place a bid.

If I had to give an example, it’d be the Jordan Brand x Converse pro-leather sneakers. They only made 23 pairs in the whole wide world. I had a friend hand deliver them from the States because the shoebox was made of wood. It was big, heavy, and very delicate, so shipping was not an option.

If a pair of shoes has more than one color, do you buy one in every color?
It depends on the design. I have 60 pairs of Hyperdunks in different colors.

Does the amount of hype around a shoe determine whether or not it’s worth collecting?
I go out of my way to collect the shoes I like. If I don’t like them, then it doesn’t matter how valuable they are. So hype has no place in my collection.

What do you look for when a new pair of shoes is released?
There are new shoes coming out every month. I basically buy all the ones I like. But I have to be more selective as I’m running out of space to store my shoes.

Are you the biggest sneakerhead you know?
In terms of quantity, there are a lot of “bigger” sneakerheads. In terms of quality, I guess I would be one of the best in China.

Which shoes do you love to show off the most?
I want to show off every single pair because I’ve spent a lot of time and effort to bring all of them home. My dream is to someday have my own sneakers exhibition.

Why do you love sneakers so much?
I just love them. You can’t explain love.