Sav Noir returns to LAFW with the gallant representation of the underworld by focusing on fabrics and aesthetics that define the lifestyle that emerges in the dark. This collection featured elements of industrial goth and punk in a setting where the pillars of underground fashion could flow freely throughout the runway. Edwin Hayes, Owner and Designer of Sav Noir, always sets an experiential atmosphere for his shows, and treated this collection no differently. Arial dancers holding Japanese Bondage positions hung from the ceiling as Sav Noir models drifted onto the runway from what appeared to be the depth of the unknown; because very few designers possess as unique of a lifestyle and community than the SN aesthetic. Hayes shares his influences and processes from this collection below:

1. How has this collection differed from past Sav Noir collections?

I feel it was more refined as I expressed and showed my growth in the fashion industry, from fabric selections, cuts, and deliverance the collection presentation as a whole.

2. How did the design process for this collection start?

I went back to what started SAV NOIR from the beginning, back to the Goth/Underworld aesthetic. Very dark, punk and industrial – these are my roots – I listen to a lot of metal , death-metal and punk, so there’s a lot of inspiration coming from that direction.

3. What do you look for in a Sav Noir Model?

I look for someone that genuinely understands the story and language of the aesthetic of SN. I need a unique attitude.

4. How does Bondage and Kink influence Sav Noir’s aesthetic?

BDSM and kink are both an art and are strong elements of the underworld, which is considered taboo. I feel we’re in a different state in society, where we don’t have to shun away from the beauty and art form of sexuality, and being confident in what you are into; Fetishes and fantasies or whatever intrigues you and fills your desires. Wait are those all supposed to be ” SINS “?

5. How did you portray Submissive and Dominant sexual roles in this collection?

I would say thru the fabrics: Patent leather, vinyl, latex, fur, denim, and alpaca – let your imagination flow

6. What did this collection mean to you?

Growth, freedom, and not giving a fuck about boundaries. I share my perspectives and story thru my collections, fabrics, and pieces. Certain things are for certain people; if you’re into what I’m doing, awesome. If not, I’m pretty sure there’s something out there for you. But in due time you’ll circle back around.