Most MCs regard themselves as artists—and rightfully so. With your imagination as the canvas, every word a rapper spews can be compared to a stroke of a brush; painting a story they weave in your mind. No doubt the likes of Slick Rick, Ghostface Killah, and Nas are some of hip-hop’s most beloved figures, yet they also double as master storytellers.

While most rappers are using words to illustrate their story, Brooklyn’s own TTK is well, actually using paint. Combining his passion for both hip-hop and art, TTK has blessed FRANK151 with our latest feature column: See What I’m Sayin’; a visual ode to some of his favorite hip-hop lyrics.

Ask anyone who knows TTK, and they’ll say that he’s just as knowledgeable about records as the most avid collector. The Brooklyn-based visual artist draws inspiration from cover art that he’s catalogued and stored away in his mind, using the vinyl as reference points for his own art.

Today, you’re both listening to and looking at the lyrics from Ghostface Killah’s “Camay” which features fellow rappers and Wu Tang affiliates Raekwon The Chef and Cappadonna. This track is featured on Ghostface’s debut solo album Iron Man which will celebrate it’s 20th birthday this October.

The quote appears at 3:38.