Miss Cleo, best known for her work for the Psychic Friends Network, died today from cancer at the age of 53. She was a staple of cable networks’ commercials in the ’90s. Miss Cleo maintained she was Jamaican, but in the ensuing years (and after the Psychic Friends Network was charged with defrauding customers), it was revealed that Miss Cleo was actually from Los Angeles. She had gone by many names over the years, but she was born Youree Dell Harris.

To remember her, we pulled some favorite clips of Miss Cleo on YouTube.


Miss Cleo visits the set of another pre-millennium junk TV favorite, the daytime talk show Jenny Jones, for the episode “I Think You’re Cheating, But I’ll Get Proof…Today”

Cleo takes a young man back to church, always providing guidance and rocking the best Caribbean fits.

In this early commercial Miss C puts in some Maury work, but with a much less pronounced accent.

Here, she gets focused on relationship device in this commercial for CleoDate.com. Sadly the site is no longer running.

During an appearance on a radio show, watch our favorite fortune teller actually work and check a caller for being a mama’s boy.

The human paternity test. She knows all. Respect the almighty cards.