Every week FRANK151 suggests a collection of people, podcasts, and/or social media accounts that you should get into if you want to make your life better. Or they’ll at the least turn the time spent waiting for your takeout a little less boring.

Animated Text

The graphics on Animated Text are a wild combination of internet meme speak and ‘90s word art. It might just be the only place on the worldwide web where you can see a gif of the words “Keyboard Thuggin” in shimmering blue text. You’ll also find stuff like “touch my butt/ and buy me taco bell” zooming in and out in perpetuity. Animated Text is run by a graphic designer named Cat who started the blog in 2012, and she takes requests! We just asked for “cheeky Nando’s” and our fingers are crossed she’ll hear our internet prayers.—Evan Wood

Classic Wrestling

Classic Wrestling is an Instagram account that mines the golden eras of WCW, ECW,  and WWF for photos and videos of your favorite moments and superstars. Never forget folks like Bam Bam Bigelow, Brian Pillman, and Kamala. Or check out Hulk Hogan’s appearance in Rocky 3 and Debbie Harry hanging with a bloody Captain Lou Albano. Professional wrestling has toned it down over the years, so this is an appreciated flashback to a time when Stone Cold Steve Austin could give a beer shower to the McMahon family and The Rock with a hose attached to a Coors Light truck. And that’s the bottomline…—Justin Esposito

Guy Tamam

If you’re having a panic attack, check out graphic designer Guy Tamam’s Instagram account. It mostly features videos of just his hand writing out words, something I find totally soothing. Most of the clips are either sped up or in slowed down, allowing you to become totally entranced by the process. After the third video you catch yourself studying the strokes. After the fifth you start to forget all the haters. Honestly, if you don’t believe me, go shotgun a Four Loko, do a line of coffee, and then see where the videos take you.—Lily Waronker