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Raf Simons Archive

As one of the most prolific and influential designers of this generation, Raf Simons has garnered a beyond-devoted following during his 20-plus years career in the fashion industry. I’ve met some Raf-heads that have taken their devotion to his art to levels you wouldn’t believe, getting tattoos inspired by his designs, building wardrobes solely dedicated to his lines that are sorted out by collection, and amassing magazines just to keep his print ads. The Raf Simons Archive Instagram account is just what the name describes, but with currently only 207 posts, this recommendation is more of a tip for the future. Right now it gives just a small glimpse into the extensive history of Simons’ designs from his ads, prints, and photography. The best has yet to come.—Chuck Ejirika


If I had to only follow one person on Twitter for the rest of my life, it would be Zachary Fox, aka Bootymath. No contest. Fox is an Awful Records affiliate who offers a rare combination of deranged cultural commentary mixed with fart jokes. His timeline includes insights you’re not likely to find elsewhere, like “photoshop should have a lil kim tool” and “wet the bed by chris brown is the only song i really understand lyrically.” There are also a myriad of ass jokes—just a disclaimer. You can also smash that follow button on Fox’s Tumblr (username: HorseJeans) where he posts his original artwork. He’s also on Vine if anybody is still using Vine out there. You’re welcome/I’m sorry in advance.—Evan Wood


The Instagram account of PAPER WORK NYC mirrors the spirit of their periodically released zines, displaying grit and glamour in their exploration of a subculture rooted in sex and self expression. PAPER WORK NYC cultivates an open mindedness towards multidisciplinary artistic expression, mainly through the medium of physical print. Their Instagram revisits old releases and content, as well as keeping you up to date with new desires within the fetish and art worlds.—Justin Esposito