Every week FRANK151 suggests a collection of people, podcasts, and/or social media accounts that you should get into if you want to make your life better, or at least if you want to make the time waiting in line for carryout go faster.

Raf Simons Archive

Back in 1995, Belgian designer Raf Simons launched his eponymous menswear, but like many others, I first heard about the brand through A$AP Rocky’s song “Peso” back in 2011. Since then, it’s become one of my favorites, and when looking for inspiration, I often visit the fan-operated, Raf Simons Archive Instagram. The account posts photos of pieces that have been part of the line’s 21-year existence. They range from abstract close-ups to full product shots. The Raf Simons Archive also provides context for the designer, and while many of his pieces are more than a decade old, they still look like they could have been released yesterday.—Paul Johnson

Glenn Greenwald

This election has been a nightmare come true for a lot of Americans, and my own reaction has been to turn to people who are smarter and more perceptive than I am in order to get some insight and perspective. One of the many, many people who fits that criteria is Glenn Greenwald, founder of The Intercept and one of the first journalists to publish findings from Edward Snowden’s leaked documents. Greenwald’s Twitter account has most of the qualities that I like in political commentary: he’s adversarial, he applies his vitriol toward both parties when warranted, and as a journalist he has skin in the game.—Evan Wood

Blast Magazine

Running the FRANK Instagram is no easy task. Actually, it fucking sucks. Trying to monitor what type of content gets “likes” becomes painstaking. Sometimes I’ll rely on a meme to get our socials and my self-esteem up, but even those shitty jokes about Donald Trump don’t go viral they way I think they should. And when that happens, that’s when I use my bag of tricks, my backup, my Plan B. In this case, the account I repost from the most is Blast Magazine’s Instagram account. I don’t know much about the editor, or if there is a physical version, or if/when their new website is going to go up,  but I do know their content is always pristinely curated. Not one photo is out of line from the bunch, and collectively, all the posts tell a story. And this is how the story goes: You wake up from a blackout after drinking too much rainbow-colored Alizé when Drake from the future offers you a joint rolled in Louis Vuitton printed papers. After taking the first hit, you see a dog dressed in a Juicy Couture jumpsuit. He asks you if you want take a dip in a guitar-shaped pool, but instead you crawl back into bed in your apartment in the Fourth Arrondissement in Paris and take a nap.—Lily Waronker