Every week FRANK151 suggests a collection of people, podcasts, and/or social media accounts that you should get into if you want to make your life better, or at least if you want to make the time waiting in line for carryout go faster.

Kevin Christy

I recommend you nerds to follow Kevin Christy on social media and all other digital platforms. He is very funny on Twitter, and funnier on his podcast Occasionally Awesome. He has an Instagram account too, but that’s not for laughs. That account just points out that apart from being one of those all-time great depressed American comics, he is also a wizard with a pencil. His accounts also serve as another cute reminder that some people are just smarter than me. Tweets I love: “I avoid the plague like it’s the eye contact,” and “I don’t know why the caged bird sings, but I deeply identify with the man weeping in this Togos,” and then, “I don’t share my embroidery with anyone because it’s for me.”—Lily Waronker

L’Art de L’Automobile

To be honest, I’m not the biggest car guy. I’m on public transit about 101% of my day and sometimes don’t know the difference between that black one and that other black one. What I do know is that I love the Instagram account of Parisian car dealership, L’Art de L’Automobile. Run by avid car collector, Arthur Kar, L’Art specializes in vehicles that are straight aspirational buys. He’s the reason why you saw your favorite rapper driving a certain whip down Rodeo Drive the other day on TMZ. No lie.—Paul Johnson

Anti CGI

Back before advances in special effects in film were utterly tied to computer software, it was up to prosthetics, lighting, and animatronics to make the unreal look real. The Instagram account Anti CGI takes a nostalgic look back to when special effects were done by hand and highlights more modern films that buck the current trends. Scroll through this exquisitely curated collection of throwback, and often gory, images of everything from The Running Man to Howling 2: Your Sister is a Werewolf.—Justin Esposito