Every week FRANK151 suggests a collection of people, podcasts, and/or social media accounts that you should get into if you want to make your life better, or at least if you want to make the time waiting in line for carryout go faster.

Garagehead Choppers

Live to ride. Ride to live. Motorcycle culture is as rich and gritty as the oil that runs through the pipes of a 75panhead. Somewhere between watching Easy Rider and Akira, I became addicted to biker culture and the beauty of each chopper. Garagehead Choppers is an Instagram account dedicated to the gritty yet complex structures of every model. Harley enthusiasts come together to compile a huge catalog of bikes, past and present, while vintage ads and photos show the origins of choppers in America. They’re the only bike guaranteed to solidify you as a badass.—Chuck Ejirika

Leslie Jones

Undoubtedly the best part of Leslie Jones’s recap of the 2016 Summer Olympics is her unbridled enthusiasm. Her Twitter feed, which the comedian/Ghostbuster/Saturday Night Live regular is using as an open space to cheer on her native team, is mostly comprised of 10-second iPhone videos of the muted TV broadcast with Jones screaming in the background. Some of her go-to commentary: “BOSSSS!” and “YOU’RE A WARRIOR KERRI WALSH JENNINGS!” I’m not the only one following Jones’ patriotic support, NBC is actually now flying Team America’s biggest supporter down to Rio where she can live tweet the whole fucking thing in fucking person. Leslie Jones is now officially an American correspondent for NBC at the 2016 Rio Olympics.—Lily Waronker

World of 3A

Founded by comic book illustrator Ashley Wood, 3A produces hyper-detailed and geekily impressive action figures. Working with partner and toy designer Kim Fung Wong, Wood’s 3A specializes in physical manifestations of your favorite comic book heroes and characters from video games. They’re so good that they will make a grown-ass man like myself go geek out and spend money on toys that will sit on top of a shelf collecting dust. One of my guilty pleasures!.—Paolo Veloria