Every week FRANK151 suggests a collection of people, podcasts, and/or social media accounts that you should get into if you want to make your life better, or at least if you want to make the time waiting in line for carryout go faster.

Never Trump

The DNC is in full effect this week, but there are those of us who still haven’t come down from inhaling the fumes from Donald Trump’s hour-long Emperor Palpatine-esque tirade last Thursday. Despite the latest polling numbers, I don’t think Trump is a credible threat to win the White House, but that speech still scared the shit out of me. And while folks in Philadelphia are up in arms about a new batch of emails and shouting “No TPP” over lawmakers who also oppose the TPP, I’m sitting here wondering how someone could give a speech like Trump’s and actually get a boost in poll numbers. In order to stay adequately #woke between now and the election, I’ve been micro-dosing on Trump’s singularly fucked up world view via the Never Trump Instagram account, which was started by Los Angeles artist Yuval Pudik. The account features floating images of Trump’s so-called hair, accompanied by actual real life things that the candidate has said over the years. It’s terrifying, but necessary. Each post is a tiny reminder that this anthropomorphic oil spill is unfit to lead.—Evan Wood

California Sundays

Dedicated to the West Coast lowrider culture, the California Sundays Instagram account showcases some of the most unique, custom-made American cars from decades past. Having grown up in Los Angeles half of my life, my love for the restoration of low riders and hot rods is deeply rooted, and California Sundays showcases these beauties in their native habitat. Some of these classic cars that are built for style and speed, while others are stylishly low and slow.—Paolo Veloria

Subway Creatures

My insomnia kicked in again last week so I used the one remedy that I knew would work: Instagram. Somehow I came across a picture of a man on the subway in a full gimp outfit attached to a leash. Immediately I had to figure out what account this was, and that’s how I discovered Subway Creatures. This account consists of the most bizarre and outrageous real life things that occur on subway systems across the world. Even if I tried to describe the wild shit that’s on the account, I’d definitely be doing it an injustice. Clear a good hour-long block out of your schedule in order to properly go deep into the madness.—Chuck Ejirika