Every week FRANK151 suggests a collection of people, podcasts, and/or social media accounts that you should get into if you want to make your life better.

Fly With Captain Joe

I am terrified of flying. But the best way to conquer your fear is by familiarizing yourself with the actual thing that makes you freak out, right? Either that or following the Fly With Captain Joe Instagram account makes me a total sadist. But terrified or not, stories from the cockpit are always interesting. Did you know that once when Captain Joe was flying to Munich there was a storm so he had to circle in the air, above the clouds, until it was safe to land? He filmed it (maybe illegally?) and then landed the plane. While I don’t typically trust something that needs a running start, I am happy I get to now watch planes taking off over and over again so I can be reminded that this is normal basic physics and I’m not going to die.—Lily Waronker

Christopher Details

Los Angeles based photographer Christopher Details, aka Christopher Dimaano, takes pictures of his travels and the people he comes across with a distinctive, old fashion style. While most photographers have switched to digital, Details keeps it classic by only using 35mm film. Collected in his Instagram account, his approaches range from semi-abstract still lifes from inside thrift stores to visual narrations of the daily realities of Southern California desert life. He keeps a locals only mindset that makes you feel like you’re always riding alongside him.—Paolo Veloria

Supreme Museum

Supreme is arguably one of the most iconic American clothing/skate brands to ever exist. Regardless of how many negative connotations and stereotypes people want to ascribe to Supreme’s customer-base, you can’t knock the company’s success. The Supreme Museum Instagram account is dedicated to the mysterious history of individual Supreme garments and flashbacks to some of the content they’ve put out since they started 22 years ago. Box logos from 2002, old pictures of the mastermind James Jebbia himself, and info on some of the original staff and the OG Supreme Team—real streetwear history.—Chuck Ejirika