Every week FRANK151 suggests a collection of people, podcasts, and/or social media accounts that you should get into if you want to make your life better.

Cool 3D World

If you remember and enjoyed the bizarre Xavier: Renegade Angel series on Cartoon Network, when it ended you probably were left with a spiritual void that only gangly CGI/3D animation could fill. To get your fix, check out the Cool 3D World Instagram account. Make sure you’ve got plenty of time as you venture into the slightly off-putting and mesmerizing world of 3D animation. What I love about this page is that all animators can submit their work, so you’re experiencing the absurdity and creativity of so many different minds. Who needs Pixar when you’ve got kids making parallel universes on Instagram?—Chuck Ejirika

Killer Mike

Let me apologize upfront for not reaching deep into social media obscurity to make this recommendation but it’s strange how often I realize I’m not following a public figure who I really admire on Twitter. So if you like Killer Mike and you aren’t following him, change that. If you’re unsure, let me just say that when this dude isn’t busy murdering a beat or delivering an eloquent politically-minded speech, he’s often on Twitter dropping serious information about American society and politics. You may have already seen or heard him speak on last week’s news during an interview with Atlanta’s Hot 107.9, so you know how informative and inspiring he can be. Even if you don’t follow politics, Killer Mike takes a moment to wish everyone a happy 4:20 on the daily, so follow him for that reason alone.—Evan Wood

Hall Of Meat

To make it as a pro skater means putting your body at risk in ways that you probably shouldn’t. And that means sometimes totally eating it. Behold the Hall of Meat on Instagram! This account from Thrasher magazine compiles clips of skaters, both pros and amateurs, suffering their gnarliest bails to remind us of the painful reality of skateboarding. These jaw-dropping injuries and ballbusting fails will make you queasy even if you have years of experience on the board. It’s all fun and games until someone loses an eye.—Paolo Veloria