Every week FRANK151 suggests a collection of people, podcasts, and/or social media accounts that you should get into if you want to make your life better.


I’m a true fan of Instagram accounts that aggregate images of pop culture in history. I guess it’s a form of time traveling, or any excuse to dissociate and leave my body. In this case, the70z Instagram account really provides me with great distractions as I visualize what life would be like under a couple disco balls. Then I dream about the glitter, the cocaine, me running barefoot down a concrete road in New Jersey in an army jacket and afro. We all have a little 1975 within us—whether you’re that shirtless boy with high socks and vans, or that straight-haired brunette in aviators. We read Joan Didion, we escaped Timothy Leary, we partied with Patti Smith in NYC. Any sort of Instagram account that documents these memories alongside some great BTS images of Taxi Driver or Sesame Street owns my heart. Thanks to this account, I don’t have to google “young Ozzy Osbourne before goth skeleton.”—Lily Waronker

Arrested Westeros

Arrested Westeros features screengrabs from Game of Thrones with quotes from Arrested Development repurposed for them. The pairing sounds ridiculous, but have you ever considered the similarities between the parenting style of Randyll Tarly and Lucille Bluth? Or how Cersei and Robert Baratheon’s marriage basically suffers from the same problems as Lindsay and Tobias’s? Open up a new tab and head to this site, then all will become clear.—Evan Wood

Legends Thursday

After spending a month in 2007, graffiti artist Coupe retired from spray painting walls and freight containers and started a podcast dedicated to graffiti writers. Coupe goes around interviewing both upcoming and legendary graffiti writers every Thursday, hence the podcast’s name. Hear graffiti writers share insightful stories about their experiences in the streets and get information that can help you along the way when doing a throw up or a mural. It’s a rare graffiti podcast for writers, by writers.—Paolo Veloria