Every week FRANK151 suggests a collection of people, podcasts, and/or social media accounts that you should get into if you want to make your life better. Or they’ll at the least turn the time spent waiting for your takeout a little less boring.

Veteranas and Rucas

I was born in Los Angeles in the late 1980s and I have never lived anywhere else. I went to college in LA, I got my first job in LA, I went to rehab in LA. One of the reasons why I love this city is that not one neighborhood is the same to the next, and the contrast between each is just as exciting as the neighborhood you’re in. I’m obsessed with the city’s hodgepodge of cultures, so you can imagine how much my heart swelled when I came across Veteranas and Rucas, an Instagram account that aggregates photos of Angeleno Chicana youth culture during the 1990s. My favorite photo in the stream comes from @bbybw0y. It shows two beauties with dark lipstick and gelled wavy hair standing in line at Six Flags—spaghetti straps, cross-body bags, and an Arrowhead water bottle straight outta 1996 date this photo to perfection. Enjoy.

Lily Waronker

Blade Runner Reality

Going from Lily’s recommendation of an Instagram account about a Los Angeles that was, here’s one for a Los Angeles that simultaneously could be and already is. Blade Runner Reality mainly collects contemporary photos that could pass as screenshots from Blade Runner, Ridley Scott’s sci-fi noir that was released in 1982 and depicts Los Angeles in 2019. That’s only three years away (electric) sheeple! The future may look bleak, but the art direction is amazing and no filter is required.

Eric Ducker

Not a Wolf

The bio for the Twitter account Not a Wolf reads, “COFFEE LOVER. GRAPHIC DESIGNER. DEFINITELY NOT A WOLF PRETENDING TO BE A MAN.” As concept Twitter accounts go, this one is pretty straightforward, but still great. It was created by Chicago-based comedian Dan Sheehan, who affectionately refers to the account as “wolf Twitter.” If you’re curious what sort of lupine quandaries fit into 140 characters or less, here’s a sample: “I WOULD EAT BUT I ATE A LOT RECENTLY/ NOT 22 POUNDS OF MEAT IN ONE SITTING LIKE THE AVERAGE GRAY WOLF/ JUST SOME ANYTIZERS.”

Evan Wood