This April, artist Prettypuke will travel to Seoul, South Korea for the opening of “Hoodlums,” an exhibition of forty of his unapologetically raw photographs. The show will be held at the Zinc Gallery and is presented by VISLA magazine. With the support of a fully funded Kickstarter campaign, the man born Miller Rodriguez plans to stay in the country for an entire month to make a documentary and e-book about the country’s counterculture. “[It’s] how I see it,” he says. “The prostitutes, the bitches, the drugs, the sex, the youth.”

Prettypuke was born in Colombia and came to the United States when he was five years old. Settling in Hollywood, he and his family hustled, with him eventually landing in art school where he studied animation for children. He’s proud of his education, but the experience also left him with $100,000 of debt. Though he got his reputation for posting his photography on Tumblr, he rejects the methods and mediums that most people his age or younger use. “This is why my work is so pure: It’s 35mm [film], that is a dead format,” he says. “Everybody now is obsolete and disposable, everything crashes and burns because motherfuckers don’t give a fuck about art. I created a real archive, a real fucking library.”

While Prettypuke may be best known for his photography, he refuses to be defined as just a photographer. His vision for himself is much bigger than that. “Think of me like a Walt Disney, but also think of me as DMX,” he says.

But even that’s not quite enough to understand where he’s coming from. He continues on, “Miller Rodriguez, aka Prettypuke, is a philosopher. He is a fucking artist. He is a poet. I am legit. I am the real deal. I swear to God. I am the last of my kind.”