YouTube has established itself as  a viable way for all kinds of performers to develop a following and receive recognition. Enisa, a singer who grew up in Brooklyn  is part of that trend.

Lacking industry contacts, she began uploading videos on YouTube last summer, and within months they were making the rounds online. Enisa’s cover songs performances routinely rack up  view counts in the hundreds of thousands, and it isn’t hard to figure out why. Her voice is somewhere between Amy Winehouse and Shara Nova, her deliveries are deep and soulful. She explains she doesn’t do anything special to maintain her voice, instead preferring for each performance to be raw and unique.

When asked about her influences, she mentions that she grew up on hip-hop and pop, then started getting into classic singers like Frank Sinatra later on. She still incorporates certain elements from her formative influences into her music. “When I write songs, I mostly write about being confident,” she says. “And I feel like confidence is a main part of hip-hop.”

That influence is obvious as soon as she explains the premise of here new song original “Burn This Bridge.” Enisa says she wrote it after someone told her that she’d never make it as a singer.  “I took that anger I had build up in me and put it into the song,” she says.