Man Named as a ‘Victim’ is Seeking Legal Action Against HBO Over ‘Leaving Neverland’

Following the $100 million lawsuit from Michael Jackson’s estate, HBO could have another lawsuit on its hand over the Leaving Neverland documentary. Brett Barnes is looking to sue HBO for suggesting that his relationship with Jackson crossed over to sexual abuse.

Barnes is contending that the Leaving Neverland documentary falsely depicts him and will subject him to “hatred, contempt and ridicule.” He is building his case around the footage from the documentary that shows him with MJ while he was touring. Wade Robson, the alleged victim the film focuses on claims that Barnes had “replaced him.”

Barnes previously testified at Jackson’s criminal trial in 2005 and denied that he was sexually abused by MJ. He also made some statements on Twitter after the film premiered at Sundance in January:



The film does show Barnes’ written denial of any accusations of sexual abuse, but it’s only shown for a few seconds. According to Barnes’ legal team, this is not enough to “cure such a despicable allegation.” It’s said that Barnes wants nothing to do with the film and he does not give consent to HBO to use his image or likeness and wants all references of himself removed.