Earlier this week, Nick Cannon appeared on Howard Stern to talk about some of the stuff going on in his life. Divulging on topics of Lupus, anal sex, and Cannon’s divorce from musical diva, Mariah Carey, the two also discussed Cannon’s role in the upcoming Spike Lee dramady musical, Chi-Raq. Here at FRANK, we’re familiar with the term ‘Chi-Raq’—an endonym appropriately combing the names Chicago and Iraq which likens the South Side of Chicago to the unforgiving slayings found in the Middle East. We wrote an entire book about it—Chapter 55—and now Spike Lee has turned the recent economical status of the disenfranchised city into a satirical film.

Chi-Raq, which hits local theaters today, is based off of Aristophanes’ classical Greek comedy, Lysistrata, which follows the story of a group of women withholding affection towards their partners in an effort to end the war. In Chi-Raq’s similar tale, Nick Cannon’s character is stripped of intimacy with girlfriend Teyonah Parris until his affiliation with gangs and his habit for murdering comes to a halt. Leave it to Lee to shed light on a city that sees so little of it.

Earlier in the year, Universal Pictures put out Straight Outta Compton, a biopic on the notorious rap group NWA and the city where they were raised. Although the movie made over $200 million in the box office, very little of the viewership came from the city of Compton, since there are no theaters open in the area. Similar to Straight Outta Compton, those who live in the South Side of Chicago may not have total viewing access to Chi-Raq due to limited theaters and high ticket prices.

However, Spike Lee made sure to keep the film as authentic as possible. The film features some of the state’s truest Chicagoans, such as Englewood-born actress Jennifer Hudson, and actors John Cusack, Harry J. Lennix, and Steve Harris. The soundtrack doesn’t fall short either; R. Kelly and Sam Dew who were both born and raised in Chicago created tracks for the musical. Rapper Chief Keef, and basketball star Derrick Rose were also raised in Englewood, Chicago.

Check to see if Chi-Raq is playing in your area here.