Casimir Spaulding started making personalized MySpace backgrounds roughly ten years ago. It was around that same time that Chief Keef took note of his web designing. Soon after the rapper decided to introduce himself by way of MySpace messaging, and immediately the two became friends.

Now Casimir Spaulding is the sole creative director of his Keef-inspired clothing line, Colourful Money and the artist behind all those Sosa emoji’s we’ve been posting throughout social media. Our ode to Chief Keef would not be complete without an interview and spread with the Sosa artist, so check out what the young designer has to say about meeting Keef and the partnership that followed.


When did you realize that art was going to be more than a hobby for you?
When I was I’m elementary school, my brother had this binder filled with Marvel characters and I used to trace the most popular characters and sell it to kids in my school. That’s probably when I first realized this is more than a hobby. Art saved me.

Who is your favorite Marvel Comic?
Growing up, my favorite was Gambit because he can mentally create and control things.

When you say art “saved” you, what do you mean by that?
I use art to take me to a different world other that what was going on around me. I could easily be hustling because it’s what I know, it’s what I saw growing up, it’s what I was involved with—in one way or another. I grew up in the hood, where you have to learn how to survive whether it’s selling drugs, robbing, or whatever to get by. A lot of people I grew up with is either dead or in jail or still in the hood.

Where did you grow up?
I was born and raised the da Bronx, NY. I spent a lot of time between da Bronx and Kingston, Jamaica. I also lived in Connecticut for a good amount of time. Living there showed me something else other that the hood. This is where I was first introduced to a “suburban lifestyle of living ” lol—and I wasn’t getting into trouble.

Out of drawing, sketching, design, and any other art form you use, which is your favorite to use with Keef?
I enjoy all the art forms, whether it’s sketching, drawing, designing, or taking pictures—I just like to create no matter what form.

How and when did you meet Chief Keef?
I actually met Keef through MySpace believe it or not, he reached out to me to help on some designs and advice etc., this is before he was rapping or anything. I was known for doing MySpace layouts back then and running my brand Colourful Money which I still do today. I had one of the largest MySpace template sites. Miss those days, lol, it was fun.

What is the process of designing / creating work with Sosa?
Every process starts differently in some way. He can give me a idea and it sounds weird sometimes lol, but it will be real creative idea—especially when you start to sketch it out on paper to see it come to life. Most of the designs start off as a sketch, but then after I have the base of it sketched out, I will scan it into my computer and start to vector it out and add all the color to finish it up.

What has been your favorite piece you’ve made thus far?
My favorite piece would have to be the See No Evil Hear No Evil Gloji piece. It’s the one with the half Lion half moon with Sosa dreads design. That’s one of those weird ideas that actually came out really dope.

Finally, what does the next year look like for you?
Who really knows what the next year looks like for any of us? But we plan on really pushing the brand as far as clothes and art goes, a lot more.