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How many times have you been somewhere with the greatest weed and an overwhelming desire to get high, but had nothing to smoke it out of? When I travel, I’m constantly flying, or crossing borders, and I can’t afford trying to explain away the dirty pipe, or rolling papers in my bag, so I carry a few apples. Nobody ever questions apples.

Here are some simple instructions to create a cheap, clean, disposable weed pipe from an apple and a pen anywhere you may be. Hotel, grandma’s house, jail.

Step 1: You will need one apple, a pen that unscrews and comes apart in the middle, and a knife (optional).

Apple bong guide step one

Step 2: Make your first hole in the top of the apple (right where you want your bowl). Push the pen slowly into the apple, going a little past the core.

Apple bong step two

Step 3: Make a hole with your pen in one end of the core and out the other (one end will be the carb). At this point you may want to blow out all the apple sludge from your holes.

Apple bong guide step three

Step 4: If you have a knife, carve a nice little bowl. If you don’t have a blade, don’t sweat it, it’ll still works just fine without one. Just get a little MacGuyver on it.

Apple bong guide step four

Step 5: Disassemble the pen. Put one end of the pen housing into the end of the apple for a mouthpiece. take the small spring from inside the pen and stretch it out slightly, then put it inside the bowl to serve as a screen.

Apple bong guide step fiveStep 6: Load. Light. Enjoy

Apple bong guide step six

Featured image via homemadebong.