G-SHOCK and Scion Racing have partnered up in the formula drift circuit to bring us exclusive videos profiling Scion Racing teammates Ken Gushi and Frederic Aasbo. Both drivers we’re interviewed as they prepare for their championship race at the historic and soon to be demolished Irwindale Speedway. Throughout the video, Ken and Frederic discuss the meaning of ‘Absolute Toughness’ and how they channel this endurance during difficult times on the track. And both drivers agree–staying calm and exercising mental toughness is the key to staying on top, in this fast-paced sport.

Apart from each racer’s recount of their life on this track, the speedsters also divulge information about the start of their careers and how staying tough has taken them to the next level. Both racers are proud to represent Scion, and feel that the durability of the G-SHOCK watch paired with Scion’s grit is what makes for a team that truly represents absolute toughness.