Do you love Kanye? Do you love Kanye as much as Kanye loves Kanye? Do you love Kanye so much that you want to own a piece of art that captures how much Kanye loves Kanye? Or do you love Kanye so much that you’d pay $100,000 to destroy a piece of art that teases Kanye for loving Kanye so much? If so, 1xRun has some offers for you. But first let’s back things up a little bit…

Last week Scott Marsh, an artist living in Sydney, Australia, painted the massive mural, “Kanye Loves Kanye,” featuring an image of the producer, rapper, fashion designer, and notable human in a love lockdown with himself. It went up on the same wall in the Chippendale precinct where Marsh’s friend Lush had painted a vivacious 20-foot depiction of Kim Kardashian’s censored nude selfie. Each mural has garnered plenty of international attention.

Now the folks at Detroit’s 1xRun are selling affordable prints of Marsh’s mural. Jesse Cory, the company’s co-founder and CEO, explained that he received an intro to Marsh from a friend a few days after images of it began circulating. “It was good timing as we were in the middle of a curation meeting and our crew was able to toss around ideas while having a good laugh,” says Cory. “Just the thought of publishing a print of Kanye kissing himself seemed silly. but hey, why not give it a shot?”

As an added offer to the sale, if the image offends your fragile ego and you’re willing to part with $100,000, you can pay for Marsh to buff over the mural, and get a buffed copy of a print as well. The original price tag for this offer was a million dollars, but since that sounded too absurd, Cory and Marsh settled on the much more reasonable $100,000.

Marsh usually wouldn’t consider buffing over his work, especially something that people seem to enjoy so much that it’s becoming something of a tourist attraction. A move like that would require some serious commitment on the part of the buyer.  “We thought a hundred grand would be in the range of a celebrity’s art budget,” says Cory. “Since there’s really only one person that would benefit from the mural being covered ,we all thought it would be a kind gesture to give Kanye a shot to have the mural removed and score this rare print for his collection.”