What Just Happened explores the week in the life of a person through their photos, offering another way to tell a story.

While growing up, both of Noah Scialom’s parents were photographers. Though neither of them pursued it professionally, they both had good ideas, and maybe more importantly it meant he always had a camera. “It was a way of staying busy, and I just kept with it,” he says.

Scialom was born in New York, grew up in Texas and Italy, but now lives in Baltimore. He’s freelanced for newspapers for years, though he truly found his audience through his Instagram account, particularly through his documentation of streetlife in Baltimore and the riots in the city following the Freddie Gray verdict. Describing what he likes to shoot, Scialom offers, “Idiosyncratic, goofy shit. And political stuff, I guess.”

Scialom has continued to get deeper involved in the community, passing cameras on to kids and putting together gallery shows for other neighborhood residents. As to whether he thinks his own subject matter is intrinsically political or if he has particular ideas he wants to get across, he replies, “I’m radical in my own personal beliefs, but I haven’t done much in espousing that. I like just letting it be through photography.”

These photos are from Scialom’s past week when he spent a lot of time in West Baltimore, set up an exhibition of kids photography at the Kids Safe Zone, and partied on the block over Memorial Day weekend. Detailing other highlights of the week, he reports, “I got my car washed, ate a quesadilla, went to a street festival, walked my dog.”