Joe Johnson is a photographer living in Columbia, Missouri. He routinely shows his work in galleries and exhibitions around the world, and he also teaches photography at the University of Missouri. Where several of our previous WJH contributors have been jet-setters and photojournalists who found themselves in different settings each of the seven days they spent taking photos, Johnson’s photography is the sort that makes you re-examine the most familiar scenes in your everyday life. He provided a statement about how he spent the previous week, as well as a brief inventory of the activities that occupied his time.

“I am an art instructor so I spend much of my week among the flotsam and jetsam of art-making in an academic setting. This includes stubborn materials, quirky registration tools and models that aid student artists in their acts of mimicry. As a question, What Just Happened(?) sounds to me like an attempt to resolve the recent past. So in the spirit of forensic evidence photography, I chose to shoot black and white film with an indiscriminate looking direct flash.  

Last week I extended my office hours to shoot this project and I took meetings in a variety of facilities. I also shot during faculty and committee meetings, a reminder that subject matter can be found in the most banal of proceedings.  

Lectures: Ripple Effect assignment, Close Contact assignment
Demos: Advanced Local Corrections, Sharpening, Neutralizing RGB images numerically
Meetings: Graduate Studies, General Faculty, Department Chair, Scheduling, 4 grad studio visits, 6 office hours, 1 gallery opening
Labor: Repairs to light leaks in darkroom drop ceiling, replacement of bulbs in track lighting, replacement of bellows in large format camera, purchasing of expendable materials”