What Just Happened explores the week in the life of a person through their photos, offering another way to tell a story. 

This week, we caught up with Jennifer Rovero, known as @fotofetish on Instagram. The 37-year-old photographer first started working by shooting her longtime friend Paris Hilton as she traveled the world. And while Rovero isn’t necessarily choosey about who she shoots, she does have a preference. She most enjoys shooting the girl who has yet to find herself beautiful. Rovero realized that her photography became something of a therapeutic tool, allowing for the subject to lean on her stills and portraits as means to find her identity. Most recently, Rovero helped her girlfriend Lauren Wasser regain the confidence in her beauty after she lost a limb after being diagnosed with toxic shock syndrome. “Most of the work I do is to help shape a vibe for a new artist, I like to spend time with them and show them what I see—and what my film sees—in them,” she says. “When I saw Lauren, a beautiful girl, in so much pain and depression, I had to help.”

Here are images from Rovero’s life last week in Los Angeles, showcasing her vision and purpose. They include a session with Wasser, time on social media, a trip to get burritos, and a visit to the strip club.