Gia Trimble is less than a year deep into her career as a full-time photographer, but she’s already got a myriad of projects on her plate, photoshoots to do, and pictures to take. Trimble, who was born in Brazil, spent the last week doing shoots for clients and hanging out at warehouse parties with the BornxRaised team. Trimble has long been a student of art, and says that for her, photography was a culmination of different mediums she’d learned. “It was just so much easier for me to kind of paint a photo within a frame with photography” she says. What you won’t see in these pictures is that Trimble is about to take on a role as an editor with CRVIII, helping to create new content. She also recently worked on a couple of new videos for Peaches, and will also be curating a new pop-up shop for a member of Kanye West’s G.O.O.D. Music label. Here’s how last week looked through her lens.