What Just Happened explores the week in the life of a person through their photos, offering another way to tell a story.

Alexandra Gavillet left Chicago and came to New York University not long ago for Tisch’s photography program. She started booking jobs while still in school. Now in her early twenties, as she continues her career she’s currently most interested in shooting music-related subjects. But of course to keep the bills paid she’s also taken on plenty of commercial clients. “That’s the most important thing, to always be shooting,” she says. “Even if you don’t have any assignments booked, I always tell photographers to pretend you do. Still get up early, still email people, still update your website, set up shoots. Keep up the momentum.”

Gavillet is not the type of photographer who keeps her camera at the ready at all times. Most of the images she puts out into the world were set up in the studio or shot with professional equipment. To participate in this installment of What Just Happened, she took on a different approach, buying several disposable films cameras and getting them processed at a local Walgreen’s. Check out the results her time going to Rockaway Beach, seeing Desiigner at an Adidas event, walking through Times Square (surprisingly her favorite place in the city), and getting hot wings from Bon Chon Chicken downtown.