I’ve drawn many characters in my career as an artist and graphic designer, but there hasn’t been one as sweet as Jeliboo. I’ve always enjoyed drawing curvy females, however none of them struck out to me quite like Jeliboo did. I first discovered Jeliboo during my struggles with yoga. I hadn’t practiced in about a month before I returned to class, so I was having a hard time doing certain poses. One of these was the bridge, where I could barely lift myself up. During my attempt, I thought to myself, gee, I feel like a heavy girl! Then a lightbulb went on my head. I experimented with looks and shapes and that’s how the first series of Jeliboo drawings emerged. The best feeling is to know that there are people out there, women and men, who love to see her and her shenanigans. Curvy women can relate and often call out “That’s me!” and tag their friends in the drawing showcased on my Instagram account. I think it’s great that Jeliboo and her bunny doll friend, Percy Fluffybottoms, can lighten up people’s days and get them talking. Additionally, she is a super curvy heroine, delivering a positive and humorous message to girls and women around the world. This to me is a great goal to have. I hope that I can make people smile with every Jeliboo drawing!

A bit about Jeliboo: Jeliboo is a happy, fun-loving, young mixed-race lady from Hong Kong, who’s significantly more bodacious than the rest of her peers. She loves her curves to bits, but doesn’t even know how sexy she is. With her childhood bunny doll friend Percy Fluffybottoms in tow, she likes to go on new adventures and learn new things about our curious world. Her curvaceous-behind may become an obstacle at times, but Jeliboo still makes the best of each and every situation. Her message to the ladies of the world is to be happy with the body you’re born with!

For more Jeliboo and friends, check out, www.cathlove.com, www.jeliboo.com, @CathLoveRosaTwo, and here.

Illustrations: Catherine Grossrieder