Jane Blevin is an artist, printmaker, and interior designer who divides her time between Los Angeles and New York.  She is one of our favorite collaborative artists (appearing in our Erotica book), and is slowly pioneering the wave of post-modern showgirls who refuse to look at Burlesque culture as a dying literary work. We asked her to submit a few of her pieces and to tell us a little about herself. This is what she had to say:

“I consider myself to be the first post-modern showgirl, and brought Burlesque back from the dead starting in 1994. I met Bourbon Street legend Kitty West in New Orleans when she was a forgotten Burlesque star working in a hotel, and she passed the torch down to me. I no longer perform striptease, but my interpretation of Burlesque and my current art work are both connected through a vision of surrealism and exaltation.  Printmaking, sex, dance and music are all metaphors for each other.  Each is a live performance, an act lived in the moment.”