Chapter 53: Diamond Life hit store shelves last month, and we’ve been releasing our arsenal of Diamond-related content since, from a Day in the Life of Nick Tershay video to an interview with Jeron Wilson. Next up on the list is IBN Jasper, the newly appointed conceptual designer for Diamond Supply Co.’s VVS line.

Hailing from Chicago, IBN Jasper is a self-proclaimed master barber first and foremost, gaining fame throughout the streets of Chi Town for keeping the locals and his childhood friend Kanye West crisply lined up at all times. In fact, Kanye even named a Louis Vuitton shoe after IBN—the “Jasper”, which is currently going for about $3,000 on eBay.

This short clip is a teaser from our full interview with IBN, dropping on the site next week. After inviting us to his studio for a private barbering demonstration on himself, Jasper went on to talk design, his roots, and his vision for the future.