Welcome to the Guilty Five. Here artists slide into the safe environment of our judgment free zone to reveal five of their guilty pleasures to FRANK readers.

We at FRANK151 have featured the charming Kristina Rose on our platforms on multiple occasions. She’s presented her horse-cock dildo to our FRANK Show audience, and waxed poetic on marijuana. She’s been very open, and we greatly appreciate it. However, just like her kreepz, we have a thirst to get closer to the inimitable beauty.

Thus, we present to you Kristina Rose’s Guilty Five, but unlike our previous contributors, Kristina went a totally different route by gifting us with five guiltiest songs—with one being sent text message express to us in karaoke form. Take a look and find out what ’90s band Kristina sides with and what Grammy Award winning track can doubles as “period music.”

Nickelback – “How You Remind Me”
There’s actually like four Nickelback songs I’m ashamed to say I really love to blast while cleaning or on the freeway. This is my favorite though. As long as traffic is moving and my apartment needs sweeping I’ll be no shame in my game rocking out to Nickelback. I belt it out real loud with that extra’d out White guy growl over all the edges of the lyrics just like my hair was gelled to a La Bella wet look crisp a la Chad Kroeger.

Crazy Town – “Butterfly”
I’ve actually known porn chicks that have banged someone(s) from Crazytown which for some reason makes me feel even more disgusted that I can’t help but rock it gothic booty style whenever I hear “Butterfly” drop…usually at a strip club in the Midwest. Whatever happened to rap rock and tacky black bondage cargo pants?

Adele – “Rolling In The Deep”
I’m pretty sure this is every man’s worst nightmare song. Probably thoughtfully referred to as “period music” by all penises across the globe. I’m pretty sure it’s like in a woman’s blood (no pun intended) to love this song; both signing it and relating to it. Definitely a fav of mine for drunken karaoke or drunken crying boxed wine lady because my bae didn’t text me back fast enough so he must be fucking a thot. Either way, a good time.

Backstreet Boys – “Everybody”
I don’t even feel guilty about loving this song anymore. This song is amazing! It can’t be denied. I do however feel like a traitor because I AM/will/ and always have been TEAM NSYNC, but this song is rad and AJ McLean has thee best hairline of any boy bander ever of ALL TIME and he was an alcoholic that named his dog Jack Daniels. The man is a legend.

Garth Brooks – “Friends In Low Places”
I’m just not to into country music like this. I only like the real old stuff if any. And this type of music just reminds me of Mormons and my hometown. But I love this fucking song. I remember hearing it play on the radio in my mom’s shitty tan mustang that would ALWAYS breakdown on the way to school AND on the way home. We lived up in the San Bernardino Mountains and the tow truck guys would always look for us in the morning and at night. Thank God my mom is hella hot. I loved when this song came on though. And it’s a great end of night song to play to get everyone to, “GET TA STEPPIN” **MARTIN STYLE**.

Header Photo by INSA