The world lost another amazing talent following today’s death of comedian, writer, and actor Garry Shandling. TMZ reports that Shandling suffered from a heart attack and died at the age of 66 at a Los Angeles area hospital. Shandling was incredibly influential figure in comedy, impacting the careers of people like Judd Apatow, Bob Odenkirk, Sarah Silverman, and Janeane Garofolo, as well as the generations of comedians who have followed them.

Shandling is probably best known as the creator and star of The Larry Sanders Show, an HBO original that followed the workings of a fictional late night talk show for six seasons. To learn more about Shandling’s life and life approach, read this profile in the New York Times Magazine from 1998 as Larry Sanders’ run was ending, and a more recent one from 2010 in GQ.

Check out a clip from when Beck performed one of his (bong) hits on The Larry Sanders Show.

And though he doesn’t appear in this scene, here’s the time the Wu-Tang Clan (actually RZA and some affiliates) came on the show and watched sidekick Hank Kingsley do wonders for American race relations.