Welcome to Frank Fridays, where every time out we let a professional let you know what you should be listening to this weekend and beyond.

Tha Yell0w R KEL showcases his eclectic taste on his weekly radio show “#ONEGIANTREPOST” and through online mixes, but right now the Brooklyn-based DJ and producer is best known for his club sets. He’s appeared at famed spots like Oval Space in London, Output in Brooklyn, and Kaiku in Helsinki, plus he currently holds down residencies with #FOMOPARTY, The Arena BK, Skin Valley, Blind Barber and Kinfolk. This is what he suggests you check out now.

Fox, “New Swing”

Found this one through Dummy Mag’s Soundloud account. It’s been one of my go-to’s as of late and is an absolute sureshot in the club. I love the way the drums sound so full but minimal at the same time, and the synth stabs give it that irresistible UK feel. Plus Fox’s vocals laid over top makes this track a certified banger. I always loop the breakdown in the middle of the song and mix in a track that starts with vocals.

Trim, “Man Like Me”

I’m a big fan of James Blake and his 1800 Dinosaur label, I’ll listen to pretty much everything they put out. When they first released “Man Like Me” on SoundCloud, I had no idea who Trim was, but fell in love with it immediately. Semi-eerie and minimal with big man lyrics and massive drums—my type of vibe! I love mixing this one in over four to the floor house beats to shake up the BPMs but keep the party moving. I can’t play this at all my gigs, but the vibe is so cool, I sneak it in whenever I can.


Teknomiles, “Duro”

Afrobeats got a huge boost when Drake put out his collab with Wizkid and started dropping tracks like “Too Good.” I’ve been proudly listening to and spinning afrobeats well before Drake’s “involvement,” and this is one of my club ready sureshots that always gets the ladies dancing. Funny enough, I found out about this track when I was spinning a short afrobeats set from the homie Giovanni who works the door at Kinfolk. I have no idea how this track flew under my radar, but I’ve been playing the hell out of it ever since.