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It’s another Friday afternoon (or evening if for some reason you don’t live in California), and once again I’ve spent the day subjecting my ear drums to untold horrors for the sake of finding you the perfect track to vibe out to this weekend. As usual, I’m not going to give the people what they’re asking for—I’m going to give you something that you wanted but didn’t know existed. On that note, let me quickly mention and then gloss over the fact that Justin Bieber released an album this week. Meanwhile a much better R&B-esque pop album also came out, Free TC. If you haven’t already given Ty Dolla $ign’s latest a listen, you really need to. This is especially true if you’re into old school R&B since Jagged Edge and Babyface do features on it.

But this week I wanna put you on to a track that came out a few weeks back “4Pools,” by Sir E.U, a rapper who pretty much hits all of the essentials that I’m looking for as a listener. If you’re wondering what those essentials are, there’s a long list, but in short: he’s got style, he’s a little weird, he raps on beats that don’t sound like anything else, and most of all, he’s brimming with cold ass bars on every single track. I first heard of Sir E.U back when Unkle Luc—whose name you may recognize from Kodak Black’s “SKRT” video and also Future’s “Trap N*ggas” video—did some characteristically savage visuals for the song “Nike Boy.

“4Pools” is just the kind of rap song I like. The beat has this weird chant-like thing going on that will get stuck in your head, and the vocals go back and forth coming through clean and screwed and filtered through phasers. This song has enough chill to throw on during a kickback, but enough energy that it isn’t going to put anyone to sleep. Also I can more or less guarantee that none of your friends have heard this song, which sets you up nicely for that situation where you play a track, everyone vibes, and then that friend of yours who you tend to think of as having better taste in music than you do turns to you and asks: “Who’s this by again?” Revel in that moment dear reader, and enjoy your weekend.