Welcome to Frank Fridays, where every time out we let a professional let you know what you should be listening to this weekend and beyond.

Sasha Marie is a DJ living in San Diego and a self-described “curator of feels.” She’s also a member of the Soulection crew and total proponent of posi vibes. Coming off a show earlier this week in Miami, this Friday you can find her in Atlanta at Bae Worldwide’s party at Space 2.


wntr, “Aguas Funk”

I’m currently in beautiful Atlanta, Georgia! It’s 91 degrees and I have the AC blasting while I sort out my music for tonight. This will be my first time playing a show here with the amazing women of Bae Worldwide. It’s also the first weekend of summer so I am ready to bust out all of my vibey summer tunes.

One of my favorite tracks right now is “Aguas Funk” by wntr. First off, “Gypsy Woman” by Crystal Waters is my forever anthem. This song not only has a nostalgic ’90s vibe to it, but it’s also paired with some dope baile funk samples. I came across wntr through SoundCloud earlier this year and have been hooked on his music ever since. He adds a lot of flavor to his remixes. Whether it be a classic Lil Kim track or a new Drake track, it’s always on point. This track is perfect for those daytime pool parties.

Kaaris, “Charge (Seven Remix)”

I randomly came across this song on the related racks section on SoundCloud. I’m in love with Baile Funk and Favela Trap, so I felt like I stumbled on to gold once I found Seven’s version of “Charge” by Kaaris. Mr. Carmack’s remix of Charge has always been a favorite and a staple in my sets, so I’m pretty stoked to add this song to the collection. People go pretty hard for this beat, so I like to play this when things start getting lit.

Mary Jane Girls, “All Night Long (Misco’s Edit)”

Another song I found on SoundCloud’s related tracks section! I feel like the intro is such a tease, because you can hear that classic beat broken up and looped as it slowly comes in. Then you start to hear more vocals over the track before the full beat drops. I absolutely love mixing this in with the original once it gets to about two minutes in because it’s such a long edit. I enjoy playing this in the beginning of a set because it just brings people back. It’s that type of feel good song that just makes you groove effortlessly.