Smooth Soul Sample7.7
Punch Lines8.3
Windows Down Compatibility10

It’s gonna be hotter than hell this weekend, and unfortunately, not too many artists have really stepped up and released that weekend heat in the last seven days. I guess I’ll start by addressing the now week-old elephant in the room, Dr. Dre’s Compton, which plenty of rap critics are fucking with even if Dre’s age is starting to show a little bit. Personally I feel like the album is just okay, which is hell of disappointing since it comes from an artist who has only ever released certified flames. That’s like when a straight A student suddenly gets a B in one class and it fucks up their whole GPA. No lie, this girl I went to high school with cried over that exact situation in public one time. At least when Dre cries, he can wipe away his tears with handkerchiefs made of hundred dollar bills.

So anyway, I’m gonna go ahead and turn y’all on to a track that came out two weeks ago. “Vacation” is a new release from Pell, who put out Floating While Dreaming last year. This release is, for now, not attached to a larger project (or is it? who can fucking tell these days? songs just show up in my SoundCloud feed and then half the time you see them three months later on a record and half the time the artist’s account goes quiet for like, two years, and then a video for the aforementioned two-year-old release drops) so for the sake of clarity, let’s just call it a Pell single. This isn’t necessarily the single you’re gonna turn up to at the club/party/function this Saturday night, but it IS the song you’re gonna blast through your car stereo on your way to the beach/rooftop bbq/pool party, windows down and everything.

I like Pell because he’s got a good sense of humor (“New girl say she love me cause she can’t afford to leave/Askin’ me for cab fare? I’m asking how’d you get here?”), and he does the whole rap-the-verse-and-sing-the-hook thing, but maybe with a little more soul and raw chops than the average radio artist. This song has a mellow soul vocal sample in the background to keep things light and groovy, and, if unlike Pell, you weren’t actually ready for a vacation when you put this song on, you will be by the time it’s over.