Welcome to Frank Fridays, where every time out we let a professional let you know what you should be listening to this weekend and beyond.

Mano, aka Million Dollar Mano, is an established name in the Chicago music realm. His own material creates waves atypical from run of the mill Chicago drill or juke. He’s traveled the world as the DJ for powerhouse artists like Kanye West and MIA, and last year he produced the massive hit “The Hills” by the Weeknd. Mano is also the founder of Treated Crew, a Chicago collective of Midwest heavy hitters targeting all aspects of the music industry.


Saint Millie featuring Mano, Sir Michael Rocks, “No Heuxs”

Saint Millie is a Treated Crew/Jugrnaut/Oak Street member/artist/rapper from the West Side of Chicago. His lane separates him from a lot of what’s popular coming from the West Side movement right now. I chose this song cause Millie’s project Adderall is one of his best and it sure deserves a lot more attention. I co-produced this track with C-Sick and wrote the hook. We got my fam Sir Mike on it and it was an instant classic. Be on the lookout for the Elevator/Film Noir-directed video coming soon.

White Gzus, “Top” (produced by Tm808)

White Gzus is a duo formed by Treated Crew’s Blanco Cane and Gzus Piece. This song is  two years old and didn’t get the great push I felt like it should have. Sick flows, bars (yes you can still give niggas bars on a song about fellatio), and a great beat. Gzus and Blanco continue to show why they make a dynamic duo (no Batman and Robin).

Dreezy featuring Gucci Mane, “We Gon Ride”

Dreezy is an awesome new talent on interscope. She’s beautiful, she can rap really good, and she’s from my hometown Chicago. I had the pleasure to see her work her magic in a studio session we had in LA while she was making this banger. Little did I know she was gonna have the OOOG Big Guwop himself as a feature. The end product is a fire ass southside 808 Mafia beat on dope raps from Dreez and Gucci, lettin’ people know it’s only really riders over this way.