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Some weeks are more exciting than others, and music-wise, this week wasn’t that exciting, to be honest. We got some notable releases from the Awful Records camp, with Father announcing his next album and Tommy Genesis releasing a new single. Kendrick Lamar briefly shut down Twitter with his untitled, unmastered. lyric contest on Wednesday, and I was about ten seconds too late on answer number two for that TDE merch giveaway, which included a vinyl copy of untitled, unmastered. I’ll get over it, I guess.

Twitter contests and hurt feelings aside, Lil Yachty finally dropped Lil Boat The Mixtape earlier this week, and, pardon the industry jargon, this shit is nuts. The mixtape features Yachty’s dual personalities: Lil Yachty and Lil Boat, one a rapper, the other an eccentric singer. Both personas show up on most of the songs for this collection of warm vibes and paired-down, synth-heavy production. The standout track—beyond the almost radio friendly “Minnesota Remix” featuring Young Thug, Quavo, and Skippa da Flippa—is “Run/Running.” The beat has this whole Mario Brothers taking a hit off the warp whistle thing going on and it’s unlike anything I’ve ever heard. Coming out of Atlanta, Yachty’s meandering, Autotuned voice on this song makes Kanye’s 808s-era experiments seem tame by comparison. The bars don’t exactly push the lyrical envelope, but everything else about this song does. Catch me bumping “Run/Running” on my way to the used electronics store to cop a Super Nintendo this weekend.