Welcome to Frank Fridays, where every time out we let a professional let you know what you should be listening to this weekend and beyond.

Kids of the Apocalypse are kind of a mystery. Browse around the internet for information about them, and the descriptors you’re likely to encounter include “anonymous collective,” “faceless project,” and “mysterious new pop collective.” All of it conjures an Avengers-esque squadron of masked crusaders more than a musical act, but why shouldn’t there be a little bit of mystery left in the music world? We’re not here to unmask the Kids of the Apocalypse, but Stefan Storm, who’s described as the “mastermind” behind the group, was kind enough to bless us with a few music recommendations for the coming weekend, including a brand new track by KOTA called “Better Life,” which we’re premiering right here for the very first time.

Kids of the Apocalypse, “Better Life”

Massive Attack, “Karmacoma”

This is a childhood classic for me. My brother came back from a trip to the UK with lots of new music, among the britpop there were a few albums that came from someplace called Bristol. Triphop it was called. This one was always my favorite, a creepy and lilting track that seems to have been concocted an a caribbean island while under a voodoo spell. Great for late night listening.

Enya, “Boadecia”

An all time favorite of mine, it’s a track to dream to. Whatever mood you’re in and wherever you find yourself, this piece always seem to fit the mood. The title sharing the same name as a Celtic warrior queen that led an uprising against the Roman Empire, you can almost picture the troops coming over the hilltop. This is a track I never tire of and am happy to see that it’s still being sampled and discovered to this day.

Daft Punk vs. M83 and Big Black Delta – “The Fall (Remix)”

We were many that were very excited about the prospect of Daft Punk scoring a sequel to the visually stunning 80s original… the end result was good but perhaps not as unique and ”punk” as I might’ve hoped. Good thing then that they later put out a remix album of said soundtrack that spiced things up. I’ve listened to this earth-shattering rush of an anthem countless times while being out running. A piece of music to lift you up and make you feel like nothing is impossible.