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Julia PlanetDisco has been involved in the dance music community since the late ’90s, back when she was still living in New Mexico. She’s been in Seattle for years now and has been active in genres including house, drum & bass, experimental. She brings her multi-faceted and adventurous sensibility to her sets at clubs around the city where spins under the name DJ Julia. These are three songs you might catch her playing either on Friday night during “Electrobox” on C89.5 FM, the country’s longest-running all dance music radio station, or on Saturday during her set at the Kiss Off party at Kremwerk.


Kim Ann Foxman, “It’s You That Drives Me Wild”

We’re bringing Kim Ann Foxman out to play our party Kiss Off at Kremwerk. I’m big into her sound and also her philosophy on dance music, which is bringing back that unity that we had in the scene originally and moving it forward at the same time to create something new. This track has some of that old school acid feel to it.

Iamamiwhoami, “u-2”

I’m excited to be able to play music like this in any format because it’s more experimental. When Iamamiwhoami first came out, they kept their identity mysterious and there were all these theories about what their group was. They had a multimedia project, basically. Now they’re out, but they haven’t put out anything in a bit. I think [“u-2”] came out in 2013, but it’s still relevant. People always push like if it’s not from 2016, it’s not fresh, but I like stuff from all eras. We’re under this constant pressure to have the newest thing, but I have a deep appreciation for the classics, so to me, this is not even going super far back.

Olga Bell, “Randomness”

This is also in the experimental vein that I’m trying to foster. It’s got a freeness to it where it’s not confined to trying to appeal to a rigid formulaic sound. Olga Bell is a classically trained pianist and you can hear her musical training. I’m super excited to play it on the radio and I would maybe play it in the club depending on how muched open-mindedness the people are projecting.