ODB Impersonation8.3
SZA Cameo10
Odds of the video inspiring my halloween costume5

2015 is the year of “when the fuck is that album coming out?” Frank Ocean, Kanye West, and Drake, just to name a few artists, are expected to release new albums before the year clocks out, but nobody knows when. Are album release dates over? Or is this just a phase? All I know is that if writing a weekly music review is included in your job description, never knowing when an album is gonna drop can you leave you very thirsty out here.

When an artist like Jay Rock, who’s also sitting pretty far up the list in terms of most anticipated albums of 2015, drops something like this new “90059” video, it’s a relief. It’s a tease, for sure—a chips and salsa basket in music and visual form—but it’s also super interesting to watch and full of good sounds. “90059” is dark and weighed down heavy with solid gold bars like “Winos in the alley, nearly slumped over/Demons in they eyes, glassy, no Folgers/Wake up sober, kill you for a cold one.” The beat sounds like something that got shelved in the mid 2000s by an Atlanta trap producer and I mean that in the best way possible. It’s dark, dissonant, and it puts raps first.

But, you’re asking yourself, how does this help me? Sure, the video is fire, the flow is on point, but isn’t FRANK Friday all about turning up for the weekend? Fair question, dear reader. Turning up to “90059” seems downright dangerous, given the sound and the subject matter. But Jay Rock has you covered once again. If you’re about your Ps and Qs, you’ve been bumping “Money Trees Deuce” in your car and apartment since June, but if you’ve been caught up all summer with “Trap Queen” and “Flex,” we’re here to put you back on course. This Saturday afternoon while you’re sitting around with your friends, put on “Money Trees Deuce” and open a beer. Then once everyone’s on board with the vibe, start an argument about who has the best bars on TDE. Say it’s Jay Rock and as evidence show them this “90059” video. Instant victory. If winning an argument against your friends doesn’t sound like your idea of a good time, I really can’t tell you anything else.