FRANK Fridays: Heavy as Feathers
83%Overall Score

After 2015 left us high and dry with a whole bunch of artists promising to drop official albums and not following through (we’re typing at you, Ghostface and DOOM), 2016 is shaping up to be a carpet-bombing run for the music industry. Kanye West has raised the stakes for hip-hop artists everywhere by announcing he’ll release another album this summer. Whether you believe that or not—and you probably shouldn’t—that still leaves us with one album from him, one from Drake, one from Rihanna, one from Schoolboy Q, probably one from Beyonce at some point this year, and that’s just looking checking out some of the most mainstream, established artists.

In terms of actual new music out this week, Macklemore’s latest notwithstanding, Rome Fortune’s Jerome Raheem Fortune album on Fool’s Gold is the most notable highlight. The overall vibe is pretty much what you’d expect from Rome—lots of dance music-inspired beats, with alternating smooth croons and slightly high-pitched bars coming at you over the top.

It’s kind of thrilling that someone like Rome Fortune even exists in the genre. We’ve got this blue-green bearded rapper spitting on club-ready cuts, telling us about how he thinks about killing himself but doesn’t because he’s got to take care of his kid. Space for artists like Rome and frequent collaborator ILoveMakonnen did not exist as little as ten years ago.

“Heavy As Feathers” by Rome Fortune is your FRANK Friday pick of the week. It’s a grimy, drum & bass-inspired track that sounds like it’d be most at home at a party held in an unfinished basement lit only by strobe and black lights. In other words, go hard to this track at least one time this weekend and you’ll feel almost upsettingly alive.