100%Sonic Power

A couple of major headlines in the world of rap music right off the bat. Most importantly, Andre 3000 is apparently back in the studio, working on (or just playing back) new music with Jack White, Q-Tip, D-Nice, Dave Chappelle, and Chris Rock. (Wait, really? Chris Rock? I suppose that has produced good results in the past…) Sir Michael Rocks dropped the Populair Part 2 EP, the project he was previewing with the song featured in this very column last week. It knocks. Lastly, and I’m honestly just sharing this news because I think it’s funny, RiFF RAFF inked a deal to create his own label, the Neon Nation Corporation. I’m a big fan the artists taking control of their creative destinies, and RiFF, if you’re reading, please consider this my application for an A&R position at your company.

Your FRANK Fridays pick of the week is “Groovy Tony” by ScHoolboy Q. Given Q’s profile and the people he’s affiliated with, I realize that most people have already heard about this song by now. But with Drake dropping singles with Kanye and Jay-Z, and the view count for the extraordinarily sick video for the song still somehow at less than a milli, I want to encourage you to not sleep on this joint.

Q’s flow is one of the most distinctive in modern hip-hop and this song is an A1 example of what he can do with it. As the sinister beat builds throughout this song’s marathon verses and non-existent chorus, Q’s voice turns more and more aggressive, climaxing just before it’s enveloped by distortion. Q’s macabre subject matter sticks strictly to his criminal tendencies, with standout lines like “Clear everything out the safe/ Crack the pig bank/ Robbin’ your kids, too/ My heart an igloo/ The devil in all blue.” Ice cold.