94%Chance This Song Will Improve Your Mood

As the author of this column I’m contractually obligate to let you know that, yes, Kanye tinkered around with his newest album, The Life of Pablo this week, piecing out Frank Ocean’s contribution to “Wolves,” putting Vic Mensa and Sia back on it, and making a few other minor changes throughout. That said, I really can’t recommend that anyone sign up for Tidal. If you, like me, are a ride-or-die member of Team Spotify, you can instead listen to ILoveMakonnen’s Drink More Water 6 on that platform as of last night. Otherwise, it’s been a relatively quiet seven days.

So this week’s pick is titled “That Feel Good Joint,” which is an exciting title for those of us who confront our emotions through music. The song is a meeting of minds between three artists whose SoundCloud streams you should be following. It was produced by Chicago-raised, Los Angeles-based producer WHITERO$E, while the raps come courtesy of Atlanta’s  Troop and L.A.’s Nocando, the Low End Theory’s former resident MC who also co-hosts the Shots Fired podcast with music writer Jeff Weiss.

If I had to nail down one main contributing factor for my taste in music, it would probably be my self-diagnosed seasonal depression. That said, “That Feel Good Joint,” along with the extra hour of daylight we gained this week, have got me feeling properly prepared for spring. The track has a warm, relaxed feel, deftly mixing a sinuous little guitar riff with mellow synths. Put simply: it will make you feel like you just took Percocet. Lyrically, Troop and Nocando take turns spinning yarns about former lovers who got pushed to the side, either for career goals or other women. And even though there’s definitely some love lost between the rappers and their muses, everyone still feels good. As the chorus goes, “Every time I see you in your hood, it feel good/ Every time we out on the town, it feel good/Every time I see you with a smile, it feel good.” You know what makes people feel that way? Percocet. Prescription drug abuse notwithstanding, this song is the perfect thing to put in rotation from early afternoon until sundown this weekend. I firmly believe that bumping this through your car stereo, bluetooth speaker, or home system will make the weather warmer wherever you happen to be.